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If your child will be starting school in September 2018 you can now apply; the closing date for applications is MONDAY 15th JANUARY 2018.  Many schools will now be holding open evenings.  


You have just a couple of months to identify and apply for the right school for your child. But where do you start and what should you consider? 

You do not have the absolute right to choose your children's school but you can express a preference which the Local Authority must meet unless certain conditions apply.  

It is not always the case that living 'close' to a school will see your child get a place; even having a sibling at the school is no absolute guarantee. So what can you do to improve your chances of getting a good primary school place for your child?


Our Top Three Tips 

  1. Visit the schools - the schools' prospectus and website (and local perception) can only tell you so much about a school. You really do need to visit and get a 'feel' for the place to decide if it is the right school for your child.

  2. Consider carefully the admission criteria; these are what will determine who will get places if more apply than there are places available.

  3. As a result of (1) and (2) above make reasonable and sensible choices.  And almost always include your local, catchment area school in last place as this will ensure you do not get allocated a less suitable school, possibly some distance from your home.

School admissions are complicated and highly competitive but with a little help and forward planning you can improve your child's chances of securing a place at your first choice school. We offer three levels of support, starting from just £19.


In the same way as you can have your Passport application checked and submitted we can check your school application and guarantee to submit it to your Local Council complete and on-time.  If we feel your application could be improved we will let you know before we submit.  The cost for this service is just £19.  (If you engage us to support any appeal in the spring our fees will be reduced by £19 making this service in effect free of charge) 


If you have identified the school you wish your child to attend but are not sure whether they will receive an offer of a place we can work with the Local Authority to assess the likelihood of your application being successful.  This will help you make the most of your choices and avoid wasting preferences on schools where you will have little chance of getting a place.  This service also includes checking and submitting your application (see above) and costs £145. (If you engage us to support any appeal in the spring our fees will be reduced by £145 making this service in effect free of charge) 


If you are unsure of the relative strengths of local schools, or how they will suit your child we can help. As a former school headteacher I can make an accurate assessment about which school will best meet your child's needs and your aspirations for them. This service will include an assessment of the likelihood of securing a place and also the submission of your application, guaranteed and on-time.  This service costs £295 (and includes a 20% reduction off our fees for any appeal you might engage us to assist you with in the spring - worth up to £200) 

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