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The 1st March each year brings the news of your child's Secondary School application, the formal offer of a school place for the following September.  For many the news is a pleasant surprise, for others the shock is devastating.  


For many though the negative outcome is wholly expected - those whose child has not passed the 11+, those who know they lack the necessary religious affiliations or perhaps those who live just slightly too far away from their preferred school.  Indeed some parents apply for schools they know they will not be allocated purely so they can appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel for their child to be admitted.

Following National Allocation Day (1st March) we receive enquiries from far more families than we can ever work with. Unfortunately some families are not able to secure the help they need to win their school appeal.

If you know you are not going to get your first choice school you can begin to prepare your appeal NOW. 

And we can help.

There are three main benefits in starting your appeal early -

1.      Your appeal paperwork can be submitted as soon as you receive notice of your allocation

2.      Your appeal is guaranteed to be heard in the first round of appeals (this increases the chance of success)

3.      Demand for our services post March exceed supply, fees reflect this.  If we prepare your appeal in advance of             National Allocation Day our fees are typically around one third less (circa £595)


If you know you are not going to get your first choice school and want professional help with your appeal CONTACT USnow.  There is very limited capacity for early appeals. 

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