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After the purchase of a house a university education is now the largest single expense of most people's lives - typically the total costs of going to University now exceeds £60,000.  Getting it wrong could be hugely expensive.

There are literally thousands of courses in hundreds of institutions.  But which one is right for YOU?

We work with students, and their families, to identify the right course in the right University.  The total cost of a University education is largely fixed - living costs are typically around £10,000 per year and Course Fees and equipment a similar figure.  So an excellent course in a top University costs typically £20,000 a year, and average course in a newer or less well thought of University almost identical. Obviously some places are slightly cheaper / more expensive to live in but generally the costs are very similar.  So how do you identify the absolute right course / institution for you? And how do you secure a place?

Initially working with you, and perhaps your parents, we can assess which course / institution would be right for you in the context of your aspirations, personality and any opportunities / constraints you face.  This is hugely important .


We don't use University League tables - this process is about YOU not them! If the notionally 'best' course / University is 200 miles away on a huge city centre campus when you intend to come home at weekends and work better on a smaller campus with better pastoral support the 'best' course isn't going to be right for you.


Around 20% of all students identify as being on the wrong course or at the wrong university, many of these change course after a year. £20,000 gone!

Having identified the right course / institution combination for YOU we can support you in securing a place.  Providing ongoing support and signposting you in terms of timescales, careers, pre course reading, work experience, interview technique and helping you with your Personal Statement.


Initial telephone consultations are free and without obligation.


Thereafter for identifying the right course / institution for you we charge a fixed fee of £849 (less than 1.5% of the total cost of a University education)-  this includes a local face to face meeting with you to discuss your short, medium and longer term aspirations and help you make the absolute right choice of course / locations for YOU.

If you wished us to continue to support your application, helping you with your Personal Statement etc a further fee of £495 is payable.  We do not generally support applications where we have not assisted in identifying the right course but can review and provide guidance on your Personal Statement for a fee of £195.

Please CONTACT US for a free and without obligation telephone consultation to see discuss your UCAS application.