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Win a Place for Your Child

Despite promises of ever greater parental choice when it comes to choosing schools many families fail to secure a place at their preferred school. Nationally over 65,000 families a year go through the Admission Appeal Process; only about one in ten will win. Our success rate is considerably higher!


Admission appeals can be time consuming, stressful and won! In the past year we have won Infant Class Size Appeals, Grammar School Selection Appeals and transfer Appeals to both Primary and High Schools; we can also help you appeal to Academies and Free Schools. Whatever Admission Appeal you currently face we can help you give your child the best possible chance of attending the school you want.

We offer a range of packages from £995 which includes an initial telephone consultation, research and preparation of the technical aspects of your appeal to which you can add your personal reasons for wanting your child to attend your first choice school. 

Contact Us Now - Initial Consultations Are Free and Without Obligation


Appeals paperwork.jpg

Submission of Grounds

for Appeal


Analysis of Schools Case

/ Evidence


Preparation of Your Appeal Statement

& You For The Hearing

(£2495) *

Admission Appeal Hearing




Pre & Post

Hearing Consultation 

Representation via Video Conference

(Teams, Zoom, Google Meet etc)

* £2995 for Appeals Heard in Person, plus second class rail travel 

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